S.H.E Mentoring program is guided by the belief that the youth are our future. Through our mentor training, staff support, and experiential-learning-based peer group, we encourage our youth to discover and embrace their uniqueness and adapt positive behaviors for healthy lifestyles.


"While a growing number of

youth have mentors,

an additional 14.6 million young people could benefit from



  mentoring relationship." 

Mentoring in America

"I just want to say

I'm truly grateful and thankful for the program

and my daughter having an opportunity to be apart of ...

it really meant a lot to me.

We need more programs like this for our youth." 

Mentee Parent

Our  Primary Areas of Focus

Social &








S.H.E  recognizes that the lives of our young people are complex, and that supporting their healthy transition to adulthood cannot happen through a singular support or opportunity. The mentor program values collaboration with other community agencies to help provide well rounded services for mentees.


Who are SHE mentors?

S.H.E mentors tend to be local community members in which a S.H.E program is located. Clearly passionate about positive youth development and making a difference in the community.

What makes a great SHE mentor?

The right mix of knowledge, passion and rapport makes a great SHE mentor. Someone who connects with the mentees in a way that demonstrates a sincere desire to help, and a commitment to make a difference. SHE mentors are team players willing to dedicate up to 30 hours of their time during the school year.

Find a SHE program near you.

Currently, SHE mentoring programs are in Martinsville City and Richmond, Virginia. Make a positive impact in someone else's life... BECOME A MENTOR! Sign up today!


Who are SHE mentees?

Adolescent girls that are looking to build positive, supportive relationships. Girls that can benefit from activities that help with social and emotional well being.

What makes a great SHE mentee?

Someone who may experience difficult situations, but desires a better future. Someone willing to take a risk to become a better person.

Find a SHE program near you.

Currently, SHE mentoring programs are in Martinsville City and Richmond, Virginia..... Join Today

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